What is PalFinder? PalFinder is a safe, anonymous service to find friends with similar interests. You can find like-minded people from your area and contact them via anonymous messaging apps, such as Torchat, Tox and Ricochet. We provide the service, your safety is up to you. Some obvious precautions should be taken. Never arrange to meet up with a stranger unless you are sure it will be safe - Build a trusting friendship online before any real-life arrangement. Never reveal any personal information, such as your name or address. Beware, the stranger you are talking to could be a law enforcement agent. Usually on Tor, you shouldn't reveal your location, but if you want to find local friends, PalFinder is the safest option so far.
Cebolla Board *No se admite CP ni nada por el estilo* *Cada uno es responsable de lo que publica* *Este sitio esta dirigido a personas habituadas al humor y el sarcasmo. Nada de lo escrito en este sitio tiene por que ser tomado en serio. *
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